A boy wearing rabbit ears sitting at a tableA boy wearing rabbit ears sitting at a table
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

A cinematic experience honouring a 150 year old classic

Despite being written in 1865, Alice in Wonderland remains a cult classic. How might we experientially bring the story to life? This installation was part of ACMI’s Alice in Wonderland exhibition, exploring the rich cinematic history of Lewis Carroll. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is quirky and magical in equal parts, “a place like no place on earth” as the Mad Hatter says himself. Guests are treated to the ultimate cinematic tea party. In a fully projection-mapped room, seated at a table of 3D printed crockery, the scene floods with projection and comes alive before your eyes.

My Role

I created the digital assets that were projected onto the physical table across the forest, desert and clock scenes. This included compositions of textured tablecloths, dirty doilies, vintage crockery, plates of sand and tea cups of clocks.

Forest Scene

Desert Scene

Clock Scene

Client: ACMI
Studio: Grumpy Sailor