The Fitbit Ace LTE is a smartwatch by Google that both kids and parents will love. I was part of a team of 5 working on the original pitch that helped kickstart this new product. 3 years later, the Fitbit team's incredible efforts have made it a reality.


Balloon Pop is an open source demo for Google I/O 2022, to showcase the new ARCore Geospatial API. With Earth as a canvas, it inspires developers to create multiplayer, world-scale experiences.  

I helped with UI design and art direction to help bring the vision to life.

Studio: Google Creative Lab
Team: Jonny Richards, Jude Osborn, Louise Richards, Marcio Puga, Nick Cellini, Nicci Hurwitz, Sophia Wallace

A sound visualisation in the colours of Australian birds

A graphic for a research project. Using machine learning to decode Australian bird recordings.

Studio: Google Creative Lab
Motion: Lev Berry

Picture This is an experiment in enhancing speech with illustration. As a user tells a story, words are illustrated in real-time with Quickdraw sketches.

Studio: Google Creative Lab
Team: Kieran Browne, Nicci Hurwitz

2 people against green screen backgrounds, posing their bodies
1 person participating in an interactive artwork

An artwork for Primavera at The MCA by dancer, choreographer and visual artist Amrita Hepi.

The participatory work Open Poses focusses on how computers see, and how they make us see ourselves. Users are invited to mirror a pose from Hepi's dataset of images. A new photograph is taken and superimposed onto the original, as if the user is performing a duet with Amrita.

I did the UX, UI and art direction for the interactive based on Kieran's prototype. Despite Amrita's unmatched flexibility for some poses, it was important to us that as a user, there was no wrong way to put your body.

Client: Amrita Hepi
Credits: Amrita Hepi, Kieran Browne, Nicci Hurwitz, Zoe Theodore
Photographer: Anna Kucera

A Doodle on the Google homepage with the logo made out of fairy bread
The Google search results page with fairy bread confetti

I was involved in the creative development for a range of Doodles and delight features for the Australian Search Results page. My fairy bread Doodle launched on Google's home page on the 13th of November, 2021.

Made at Google's Creative Lab.
Visual design by the Doodles team.  

A group of people in a room, looking at a render of The Rocks, Sydney

For Sydney Living Museum's Unrealised Sydney exhibition, Junior Major created an interactive City Builder experience. Using dials and controls, users can recreate Tallawoladah / The Rocks as a future city block, considering factors such as environmental sustainability, liveability and productivity, and see it brought to life in the gallery. I created UI for the interactive that showed users their impact on the block.

Studio: Junior Major
Client: Sydney Living Museums

Infinite Herbarium is a botanical experience across art, science and machine learning. I helped the team complete the app, and prepared all print and digital assets for installation at the MCA and Botanical Gardens.

Studio: Google Creative Lab
Team: Byron Hallet, Eden Payne, Emmeline Peterson, Jonny Richards, Jude Osborne, Louise Richards, Madi Talbot, Marcio Puga, Nick Cellini, Nicci Hurwitz, Sam Ginsburg,
Partner: Caroline Rothwell