A car with projections on itA car with projection on it
Road to Zero

An exhibition designed to reduce the death toll on our roads

A future where no lives are lost on the roads is what we all want. How might we help educate a generation of safe young drivers in Victoria? Road to Zero is a road safety education complex that aims to arm every visitor with the knowledge and best practices that can help reduce the death and injury toll on our roads. The Transport Accident Commission wanted to create 13 experiences for high school students that demonstrate educational outcomes backed by road engineers and behavioural scientists.

My Role

I was part of a team of 4 designers working across the 13 experiences. I created user flows, wireframes, interaction diagrams and final UI for 4 interactives.


school kids standing in front of screens4 graphic user interfaces2 graphic user interfaces

Body built to survive a crash

A man standing in front of a CGI figure4 graphic user interfaces2 graphic user interfaces

Safer behaviours multiplayer quiz

2 graphic user interfaces of a quizGraphic user interface of a quiz

Crash speed visualisation

2 graphic user interfaces4 graphic user interfaces

Client: Transport Accident Commission
Studio: Grumpy Sailor