Vehicles under a bridge structure, on the moonVehicles under a bridge structure, on the moon

A remote team building experience for Atlassians

Events as we know them are over. How might we reimagine Atlassian’s Big Bash for a post-covid world? Under the pressures of the pandemic, Atlassian wanted to move their 15th annual team-building event online. Set on Mars in 2046, a multiplayer experience casts Atlassians as protagonists who work together on a high stakes mission to help make Earth habitable again. Bringing team members together, increasingly complex game levels present puzzles and tasks to solve. A hybrid of cut scenes, video chat, games and animations, Oddity is a fun and engaging team-building experience.

My Role

Over 6 months, I was involved in the remote workshop design, conceptual development, art direction, UX and UI design across the 4 games. I was one of 2 designers on the project.


We developed a story set in space to mirror the separation of working from home. This animation set the scene for the story world, while exciting the teams to get started.


graphical user interface, application

Team-building games

We created 4 multiplayer games that encouraged collaboration. Users could feel the co-presence of the team with a shared canvas, video call, user mouse presence, and by working together towards a common goal.

1 – Connect the signal back to Earth

2 – Restore robot computer vision

3 – Locate the robots on Earth

4 – Build a robot together

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An Atlassian-wide leaderboard offered bragging rights, and helped teams feel connected in an isolating year.

graphical user interface

Client: Atlassian
Studio: Grumpy Sailor
Illustrations: Theo Guignard